Reciprocity Information

Historically, states have routinely accepted property belonging to other states and have subsequently forwarded that property to the appropriate states under reciprocity agreements. There has been confusion among states and the holder community as to what reciprocity really means and more importantly, understanding the current state reciprocity requirements and practices for reporting unclaimed property.

In 2006, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) Executive Committee created the Uniform and Standardization Steering Committee to explore, develop and foster uniform legislation, practices and procedures related to the administration of state unclaimed property laws and programs. One of the issues addressed by this committee relates to state reciprocity practices.

Recognizing that differing state laws, policies and practices, make it impossible to standardize state reciprocity requirements and procedures, the committee’s task was to provide a way for states, and the holder community, to "speak the same language" when discussing reciprocity. Therefore, the Subcommittee has developed definitions of the concepts involved in reciprocity practices and compiled current state property reciprocity practices into a comprehensive matrix.

Reciprocity Definitions – defines concepts involved with reciprocity.

Reciprocity Matrix – provides current state property reciprocity practices.

IMPORTANT – If you report to Florida, unclaimed property owed to other states, using the Reciprocity Matrix, you must follow the laws of the state(s) to which each item is due regarding dormancy periods, due diligence and reported information requirements.

For further information on reciprocity, please contact the Division's Compliance Section at (850) 413-5522 or by email at
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